Enchanting Dubai
                              ...with tourism scaling new heights

"I want Dubai to be a place where everybody from all over the world meets each other, don't think of fighting or hate, just love it, enjoy their sport, and that's it."

- HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The most populous and second largest of the seven emirates that constitute the UAE, Dubai is today globally recognized as the enchanting heart of the Middle East. Geographically situated in Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai has rapidly developed as a heartwarming destination owing to the hospitality it offers with its vibrant heritage. The Emirati people are welcoming and magnanimous in their approach to visitors. With sunshine throughout year, exciting deserts, fascinating beaches, luxurious hotels and indulgent shopping malls, absorbing heritage attractions and a thriving business and trading community, Dubai attracts millions of business visitors and tourists each year from around the world.

Dubai has a vast collection of state-of-art buildings and worth watching stylish structures of modern architectural styles. The city has become iconic for its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, in particular the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. In the past few decades, Dubai witnessed incredible growth throughout all sectors of the Dubai economy. The Emirate's government is constantly working to improve its commercial transparency and motivated small and medium enterprises. Dubai's economy is no longer reliant on oil, but is more diversified, relying heavily on trade, services and finance sectors. The local currency is the Dirham. Dubai enjoys a dry subtropical climate, with blue skies though conference days will witness the coolest season in December.

Adventures sports like Sandboard Safari, Quad biking in open Desert, Skiing in Ski dubai, Fly Board Water surfing, Scuba Diving, Sky Diving, besides Desert Safari Camp, Belly dance during excursion, sumptuous street food, Dubai miracle garden, Dubai aquarium and under water zoo are the cites to cherish during their visit to Dubai.

The conference tours and sight-seeing shall act as "ice-breaking sessions" away from the classroom ambience, providing an appropriate setting for appreciating different points of view. Edward R. Murrow states in "the last three feet of communication - "Even in an increasingly networked world of internet and satellite conferences, there is no substitute for personal interaction - what It is individuals, not data streams, who must ultimately build the connections that in turn create lasting international research partnerships"


Amazing Dubai

Amazing Dubai


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